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Jannuzi, Buell Tomasson; Bechtold, Jill Richard Joseph Elston, known for his development of innovative astronomical instrumentation, died on 26 January in Gainesville, Florida, after a four-year battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

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A professor of astronomy at the University of Florida, Richard had an unusually broad range of interests and skills, and a willingness to share his passion for astronomy with others, which made him a highly valued member of the astronomical community. Born 1 Julyin Albuquerque, New Mexico, Richard was the son of a geologist father and journalist mother.

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His childhood interest in astronomy and instrumentation matured as he majored in physics and astronomy at the University of New Mexico BS, under the mentorship of Michael Zeilik. Richard pursued his PhD in astronomy at the University of Arizona and earned his degree in He pioneered the use of IR arrays for deep imaging surveys of the sky to study galaxy formation, and completed his thesis Search for Rapidly Forming Galaxies at High Redshift under the direction of George Rieke.

Richard's graduate work included the first detection of galaxies at intermediate redshifts with evolved populations too red to have been identifiable from optical imaging surveys alone.

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In the Astrophysical Journal Letters inhe, George Rieke, and Marcia Rieke reported the discovery of this new class of galaxies, now known as EROs Extremely Red Objectsimportant as the possible progenitors of present day elliptical galaxies. InRichard married astronomer «.

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