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Grimme, Stefan, E-mail: grimme thch. Grimme, J. This limits such treatments to single structures with a few hundred atoms and hence, e.

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The aim of this work is to solve this problem by a specifically designed semi-empirical tight binding TB procedure similar to the well established self-consistent-charge density functional TB scheme.

The new special purpose method provides orbitals and orbital energies of hybrid density functional character for a subsequent and basically unmodified sTDA procedure.

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The three-diagonalization-step composite procedure can routinely compute broad range electronic spectra eV within minutes Suurenda Dick Fast Photo computation time for systems composed of atoms with an accuracy typical of standard time-dependent density functional theory 0. An easily extendable parametrization based on coupled-cluster and density functional computed reference data for the elements H—Zn including transition metals is described.

Here we show that targeted expression in transgenic mice of a mutation within the domain of 8 cysteines of THP in kidneys' thick ascending limb TAL caused unfolded protein response in younger 1-month old mice and apoptosis in older month old mice.

While the young mice had urine concentration defects and polyuria, such defects progressively reversed in the older mice to marked oliguria, highly concentrated urine, fibrotic kidneys and reduced creatinine clearance. Both the young and the old transgenic mice had significantly higher serum uric acid and its catabolic product, allantoin, than age-matched wild-type mice.

Our results strongly suggest that the progressive worsening of kidney functions reflects the accumulation of the deleterious effects of the misfolded mutant THP and the compensatory responses.

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